Capturing The Friedmans

Andrew Jarecki
USA 2003
107 min

Capturing the Friedmans, an extraordinary new documentary directed by Andrew Jarecki, is both a meditation on perversion and truth and one of the most heart­breaking films ever made about an American family. Baldly stated, the facts at the center of the movie are these: In 1987, in Great Neck, Long Island, Arnold Friedman, a retired schoolteacher in his fifties who taught computer classes for kids in his home basement, and his son, Jesse, then eighteen, were arrested and charged with committing repeated acts of sexual abuse on boys who attended the classes. Despite its sensational subject, the picture has been made with tact, dedication, and respect for the unending mysteries of family life. For the five Friedmans (father, mother, and three sons), their sense of themselves as a family was central to what was at stake for them as individuals during the crisis. «I'm a Friedman, therefore I am», might have been their slogan, for they rise and fall as a loving and then suffering brood. (David Denby)

  • Adolfo Doring
  • Adolfo Doring
  • Mariusz Glabinski
  • John Gurrin
  • Richard Hankin
  • Andrea Morricone
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