Arash T. Riahi
AUT, FRA, Türkei 2008
110 min

Ein Augenblich Freiheit tells three different stories: The first is about two children, Arman and Azy, aged five and seven, who are being smuggled out of Iran by two friends, aged 20, Ali and Merdad. The aim is to get the children to their parents in Austria. One of the other stories is about a family where the man is involved in politics; he has to flee to Turkey with his wife and child, and there he is forced to endure a bureaucratic nightmare in order to prove that he was being persecuted in Iran for his politics. The third story is about a friendship between two men, an older supporter of the Iranian opposition and a younger Iraqi-Kurdish English teacher. It is a sort of tragi-comic father/son story, which contains the majority of the comic elements in the film. (Arash T. Riahi)

  • Navid Akhavan - Ali
  • Pourya Mahyari - Merdad
  • Elika Bozorgi - Azy
  • Sina Saba - Arman
  • Payam Madjlessi - Hassan
  • Behi Djanati Ataï - Lale
  • Kamran Rad - Kian
  • Arash T. Riahi
  • Michi Riebl
  • Mohsan Nasiri
  • Karina Ressler
  • Karuan Marouf
  • Christoph Kanter
  • Monika Buttinger
Wega Film Haegelingasse 13, 1050 Wien T 1 98 25 742, mit Unterstützung von

Les Films du Losange 22 ave Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75116 Paris T 144438710,

Filmladen Mariahilferstraße 58/7, 1070 Wien T 523 43 62 0,
35 mm
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