Eyal Resh
USA 2016
14 min

BOYS is an autobiographical piece. It portrays the memory of the first pre sexual experience I had with a friend of mine when we were 12 years old. This experience, throughout the years of my development and my adulthood, affected me significantly. It is a story of the very first steps of understanding sexual affinity before it even takes a form or a shape. The story primarily focuses on the immense guilt that this experience brings with it, guilt the boys are not able to confront yet. (Eyal Resh)

  • Wyatt Griswold - Brian
  • Pearce Joza - Jake
  • Eyal Resh
  • Darrell Brett
  • Aidan Reynolds
  • Nicole A. Fletcher
  • Eyal Resh
  • Scott Morris
  • Daniel Markovich
  • Kristin Gibler
  • Zander Fieschko
Eyal Resh

Eyal Resh

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