John Flynn
USA 1987
95 min

Dennis Meechum is an aging and celebrated police officer who’s also the celebrated author behind a series of true-life crime novels. It seems that back in 1972, Meechum was the only survivor of a brutal raid. In the 15 years following the tragedy, he has continued to serve the police force, but the widowed cop is approaching the end of his rope. When a mysterious stranger shows up during a drug bust and saves Meechum’s neck, it seems that the officer’s violent past has finally caught up with him.
The stranger is a corporate hit-man named Cleve, a brutal thug who was somehow involved in the killings all those years ago. Cleve has an axe to grind with a local billionaire industrialist named Madlock, a slippery jerk who’s been behind some of those most infamous murders of the past decade and a half. Meechum slowly uncovers Cleve’s role in the massacre from years ago, but the assassin has an even bigger surprise: the universally adored Madlock was the mastermind! Cleve wants Meechum to write a tell-all novel, thereby destroying Madlock’s empire, but the author consistently refuses – until the weaselly tycoon comes after his family. (Scott Weinberg)

  • James Woods - Cleve
  • Brian Dennehy - Dennis Meechum
  • Victoria Tennant - Roberta Gillian
  • Allison Balson - Holly Meechum
  • Paul Shenar - David Madlock
  • George Coe - Graham
  • Anne Pitoniak - Mrs. Foster
  • Larry Cohen
  • Fred Murphy
  • Ellen Heuer
  • Dan O’Connell
  • David Rosenbloom
  • Jay Ferguson
  • Gene Rudolf
Hemdale Film
MGM/Hollywood Classics
35 mm
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