Retrospective 2017

Beregis' avtomobilja

Vorsicht, Autodieb!
Ėl'dar Rjazanov
Udssr 1966
92 min

A crime thriller without a chase is like a life without love, the voice-over is commenting, while a motorbike overtaking a Volga on a lonely motorway can be seen. Ėl'dar Ryazanov's ironic murder ballad on a car thief, who acts out of unselfish motives and plays theater in his spare time, is a real Soviet cult film. His quotes ("Who was a witness?" – “Me! What happened?”)  are still circulating today, although their references to the economy of scarcity and the black market have disappeared.

  • Innokentij Smoktunovskij
  • Oleg Efremov
  • Andrej Mironov
35 mm
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