Becoming Cary Grant

Mark Kidel
FRA 2017
86 min

BECOMING CARY GRANT shows up with a very new perspective on one of the most iconic Hollywood actors. “There are the talented and the famous, and then there are those people seemingly unaccountable by normal reckoning. It is difficult to look upon Grant, who seemed to represent a certain kind of mortal perfection, and not wonder how he happened, or to want to find the life-sized human crouched down within the legend. Mark Kidel’s new documentary takes a most interesting stab at it.
What sets Kidel’s film apart is that it includes footage shot by Grant himself and excerpts from his unpublished memoir (read by Jonathan Pryce). Most sensationally, these include reflections on his experience with LSD, not yet the hippie sacrament it would become and not the only therapeutic method he tried to to “rid myself of all my hypocrisies” and get right with life. (Robert Llyod)

In attendance of Mark Kidel.

  • Mark Kidel
  • Nick Ware
  • Jean-Marie Delorme
  • Adam Wolny
  • Cyril Leuthy
  • Tim Norfolk
  • Bob Locke (The Insects)
  • Adrian Utley (Portishead)
  • July Balaban
  • Mark Glancy
  • David Thomson
  • Jennifer Grant
  • Barbara Jaynes
Yuzu Productions, Arte France, ro*co films productions

Arte France

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