La Bataille de Solférino

Age Of Panic
Justine Triet
FRA 2013

May 6, 2012. cable news reporter Laetitia is covering the French presidential elections, while Vincent, her ex-husband, demands to see their two young daughters. it’s a manic sunday in Paris: two agitated girls, a frazzled babysitter, a needy new boyfriend, a grumpy lawyer and France cut in half! “With several scenes filmed on location during the actual election day events, LA BATAILLE DE SOLFÉRINO mixes documentary-style drama with scenes of Mumblecore-esque comedy in ways that are often compelling and occasionally quite funny. The film works best when it allows the raw performances to take over, with Vincent Macaigne clearly the standout here.” (Jordan Mintzer)

  • Laetitia Dosch - Laetitia
  • Vincent Macaigne - Vincent
  • Arthur Harari
  • Virgil Vernier
  • Marc-Antoine Vaugeois
  • Jeane Arra-Bellanger
  • Liv Harari
  • Emilie Brisavoine
  • Justine Triet
  • Julien Sicart
  • Tom Harari
  • Damien Maestraggi
Ecce Films

Ecce Films

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