Homage to Hans Hurch

Au hasard Balthazar

Robert Bresson
FRA, S 1966
95 min

For Hans: since I must choose only once, I want the screen to burn with Bresson. AU HASARD BALTHAZAR. The life – the soul – of a donkey. My favourite performance of all time, that beast, or, rather, those several beasts that carry that portrait. I want that donkey’s journey high and and mighty in Vienna this October in all its glory. Because I know how Hans loved it. And how much he would enjoy sitting at the back, beaming along with its sacred economy and transcendent vision with you all. And because, now that space and time don’t need to hamper our being together just as often as we want, I can imagine myself sitting alongside him. It is Hans’ passion for pure cinema – and lifelong dedication to inspiring this passion in others – that we will miss, yet keep amongst us even without him. His companionship has gone nowhere.
Ahoy, comrade! with my love and gratitude for your loving fellowship. See you in the back row ... Tilda (Tilda Swinton)

With V’06-TRAILER: MY LAST MINUTE by Leos Carax

  • Anne Wiazemsky - Marie
  • François Lafarge - Gérard
  • Philippe Asselin - Father of Marie
  • Nathalie Joyaut - Mother of Marie
  • Walter Green - Jacques
  • Robert Bresson
  • Ghislain Cloquet
  • Jacques Carrère
  • Antoine Archimbaud
  • Raymond Lamy
  • Jean Wiener
  • Franz Schubert
  • Philippe Dussart
  • Pierre Charbonnier
  • Dominique Ribeyrolle
Argos Films, Parc Film, Athos Film, Svensk Filmindustri, Svenska Filminstitutet
Tamasa Distribution
35 mm
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