Tribute Buenos Aires


Robert Duvall
USA, Argentinien 2002
114 min

Assassination Tango is the story of an aging hitman who is sent out on one big assignment one that may be out of his league. Disrupted from his safe, comfortable life with his longtime girlfriend and her adoring daughter in New York City, John Anderson is sent to Buenos Aires, to off a hated old military general. Whats initially promised as a three-day trip slowly turns into a struggle of attrition, as Andersons quarry repeatedly augments his regular schedule which makes the intended murder all the more difficult. In an effort to stave off homesickness, Anderson peruses the local nightclubs and finds himself wholly enamored by the local Tango scene, one which presents the painfully beautiful Manuela as a potential prize. Assassination Tango, a well-crafted and surprisingly touching character study, clearly illustrates Duvalls passion for the art of Tango dancing, and his devotion to the dance is plainly evident in the films best scenes. (Scott Weinberg)

  • Robert Duvall - John J. Anderson
  • Rubén Blades - Miguel
  • Kathy Baker - Maggie
  • Luciana Pedraza - Manuela
  • Julio Oscar Mechoso - Orlando
  • James Keane - Whitey
  • Frank Gio - Frankie Gio
  • Katherine Micheaux Miller - Jenny
  • Frank Cassavetes - Jo Jo
  • Robert Duvall
  • Félix Monti
  • Benjamin Cheah
  • Stephen Mack
  • Luis Bacalov
  • Sara Parks
  • Beatriz De Benedetto
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35 mm
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