Tribute Buenos Aires


Charles Vidor
USA 1946
111 min

Rita Hayworth once blamed Gilda for ruining her love life. «Every man Ive known has fallen in love with Gilda and awakened with me», she once lamented. But this dark and twisted love story also made Hayworth into one of the cinemas most unforgettable and enduring sex goddesses. Glenn Ford stars alongside Hayworth in Charles Vidors erotic drama as a luckless gambler rolling dice on the Argentinean waterfront, who accepts a job proposition from an elegantly dressed, mysterious Buenos Aires casino owner, Ballin Mundson. Johnny quickly becomes Mundsons indispensable right-hand man. But their intimate trust is soon shattered in the form of a beautiful woman from Johnnys past, Gilda. Marked by the distinctive cynical viewpoint and shadowy ambiance of film noir, Gilda could be described as a «hate story». By focusing on the polluted, venomous relationship between Gilda and Johnny, Vidor gives the film its slightly perverse some have said sadomasochistic feel. (Felicia Feaster)

  • Rita Hayworth - Gilda
  • Glenn Ford - Johnny Farrell
  • George Macready - Ballin Mundson
  • Steven Geray - Onkel Pio
  • Joseph Calleia - Obregon
  • Joseph Sawyer - Casey
  • Donald Douglas - Thomas Langford
  • Robert Scott - Gabe Evans
  • Marion Parsonnet
  • Jo Eisinger
  • nach einer Erzählung von E. A. Ellington
  • Rudolph Maté
  • Charles Nelson Ton Lambert E. Day
  • Doris Fisher
  • Allan Roberts «Put the Blame on Mame»
  • «Amado Mio» gesungen von Rita Hayworth Hugo Friedhofer (ungenannt)
  • Stephen Goosson
  • Van Nest Polglase
  • Jean Louis
  • Jack Cole
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35 mm
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