Philippe Garrel
FRA, I 2005
178 min

It has been two years since Bernardo Bertoluccis I Sognatori revisited the incendiary events in Paris over May of 1968. Philippe Garrel recasts his own memories of this momentous period when students and workers almost toppled a government. Les Amants réguliers is masterly in every respect. Garrel shot the film in black and white and very much in the film style of the day; we can literally feel Godard, Rohmer and Bresson looking over his shoulder. It has an unadorned sense of verisimilitude that captures the spirit of the Sixties and the lives of the students who form the narratives core, balancing the contradictory idealism and nihilism of a generation trying to grapple with its restless ambitions.

  • Louis Garrel - François
  • Clotilde Hesme - Lilie
  • Mathieu Genet
  • Nicolas Bridet
  • Eric Rulliat
  • Philippe Garrel
  • William Lubtchansky
  • Alain Villeval
  • Françoise Collin
  • Jean-Claude Vannier
  • Mathieu Menut
  • Justine Pearce
  • Cecile Berges
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