Greg Mottola
USA 2008
107 min

A funky, self-proclaimed \"funtastic\" Pennsylvania amusement park, Adventureland appears to be the bane of recent college graduate's James Brennan's existence. He previously had big plans to spend the summer on a life-altering trek through Europe that would initiate him into real adult life. But when his family suffers an economic downturn in the middle of the Reagan '80s, James' only summer trip is straight to a minimum wage job manning a game booth so existentially bankrupt, no one is even allowed to win the giant-ass stuffed panda.

  • Jesse Eisenberg - James Brennan
  • Kristen Stewart - Em Lewin
  • Ryan Reynolds - Mike Connell
  • Martin Starr - Joel
  • Kristen Wiig - Paulette
  • Bill Hader - Bobby
  • Greg Mottola
  • Terry Stacey
  • Benjamin Cheah
  • Anne McCabe
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Stephen Beatrice
  • Melissa Toth
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment This Is That Productions

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35 mm
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