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Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse

Fritz Lang
FRA, I, DEU 1960
103 min

DIE 1000 AUGEN DES DR. MABUSE, based on the Esperanto novel «Mr. Tot buys a thousand eyes» by the Polish author Jan Fethke, brought the story into the contemporary times and combined elements of Edgar Wallace films, spy fiction and Big Brother surveillance with the nihilism of the Mabuse world. It was the last film directed by Fritz Lang and concerned the further exploits of Dr. Mabuse, a character Lang had used earlier in DR. MABUSE, DER SPIELER (1922) and DAS TESTAMENT DES DR. MABUSE (1933).

  • Dawn Addams
  • Peter von Eyck
  • Wolfgang Preiß
  • Gert Fröbe
  • Werner Peters
  • Lupo Prezzo
  • Andrea Checchi
  • Reinhard Koldehoff
  • Howard Vernon
  • Nico Pepe
  • David Camerone
  • Jean-Jacques Delbo
  • Marieluise Nagel
  • Werner Buttler
  • Linda Sini
  • Rolf Möbius
  • Bruno W. Pantel
  • Albert Bessler
  • Fritz Lang
  • Heinz Oskar Wuttig
  • nach Jan Fethke und Norbert Jacques
  • Karl Loeb
  • Eduard Kessel
  • Traute Wischniewsky
  • Bert Grund
  • Erich Kettelhut
  • Johannes Ott
  • Ina Stein
  • Arthur Brauner
CCC-Filmkunst, Berlin; Cei-Incom, Rom
35 mm
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