Image of movie Ma ma he qi tian de shi jian
Image of movie Ma ma he qi tian de shi jian
Image of movie Ma ma he qi tian de shi jian

Ma ma he qi tian de shi jian

LI Dongmei
China, France 2020
134 min

There’s an indescribable beauty in the image of a little girl traversing a field to tell her grandfather, who is working the land beneath the sun, that lunch is ready. This is how MAMA opens, and the film will never abandon its crystalline gaze and soothing sense of crossgenerational exchange for the subsequent 135 minutes. Based on her childhood memories, Li Dongmei’s debut feature takes place over seven days in a remote rural village in China around 1992. The rituals of the everyday are observed with serene attention via delicate compositions inhabited organically by non-professional actors. The spirits of Abbas Kiarostami and Yasujirō Ozu are invoked as kids walk through mountains and families get together for a meal. It’s a film of quiet wisdom and immense peace, perhaps even healing properties, whose tempo brings us into sync with nature and its pulse. The overarching structure, as well as that of each chapter, honor the cycles of life and the immutable unfolding of the present: death is part of life, and landscape the eternal witness to our existence. Some films carry within them the crucial revelation that time passes differently in different places. Li Dongmei’s MAMA is one of those films. (Chiara Marañón)

Li Dongmei:  MAMA (2020) 

  • Cheng Shuqiong - Mother
  • Wang Xiaoping - Father
  • Ge Wendan - Xiaoxian
  • Xia Guoli - Xiaowei
  • Gong Xinyan - Xingxing
  • Tan Yuxiang
  • Ge Shidi
  • Chen Jihua
  • LI Dongmei
  • Shen Xiaomin
  • Zhang Yalong
  • Li Danfeng
  • Zhang Huifeng
  • Zhang Zhongchen
Langli, M’espace Movie Studio, Yilisoo Films

Yilisoo Films

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