Image of movie ADN
Image of movie ADN
Image of movie ADN


France, Algeria (El Djazaïr) 2020
90 min

Leo Tolstoy’s maxim that “all happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” has probably been done to death, yet French actress and director Maïwenn finds a fresh twist on it in her fifth feature ADN. It’s a film about searching for one’s cultural roots and about grieving, yearning for connection, reaching beyond fractured parental bonds.
In the film, Neige (Maïwenn herself) and her family gather to celebrate the elderly family patriarch, whose memory and health are slipping. The celebration awakens memories of Papi’s birthplace, Algiers, more a fantasy than a physical place for the younger generation. But soon death makes a loved one’s corpse a battleground: Who knew the deceased best and who has the right to decide on his burial or how he should be eulogized? In Maïwenn’s energetic direction, which pays keenly ironic attention to the business of burial, the family ensemble, including such familiar actors as Fanny Ardent, Louis Garrel, and Alain Françon, frays, while each member grieves in their own unique way. With Neige, who’s driven by repressed angst, Maïwenn shows how cultural heritage can exert an irresistible attraction, even if it’s a romanticized projection. (Ela Bittencourt)

Maïwenn: I’M AN ACTRICE (2004, K), PARDONNEZ-MOI (2006), LE BAL DES ACTRICES (2009), POLISSE (2011), MON ROI (2015)

  • Maïwenn - Neige
  • Louis Garrel - François
  • Marine Vacth - Lilah
  • Fanny Ardant - Caroline
  • Dylan Robert - Kevin
  • Mathieu Demy
  • Maïwenn
  • Sylvestre Dedise
  • Laure Gardette
  • Stephen Warbeck
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