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Artemio Narro
Mexico 2020
90 min

It’s 1994, a year marked by the assassination of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio. Diego and Gael (whose names just so happen to be those of the two most prominent Mexican actors of the director’s generation) receive a premonition that could change the course of history and save him. The two protagonists start a road trip and, under the effects of LSD, encounter improbable situations and many misunderstandings.
In his second directorial work, Artemio Narro travels back in time to a certain episode in Mexican political history to reveal a condition inherent to the country which is still recognizeable in the current government administration. Coming from the visual arts, Narro produces his films in a completely independent manner that aims for complete freedom as much aesthetic as it is discursive. He does not hold back in his criticism of a ruling class and its officials, occupied with imaginary threats and frozen in motionless progress. The characters cross the country accompanied by Ariel, the national cinema award statuette, through abandoned sets, theatrical performances, and rivers, deserts, and taverns, haunted by malingerers and seductresses. And it ultimately seems impossible to change the destiny of history. (Eva Sangiorgi)

In the presence of Edwarda Gurrola.

Artemio Narro: POETRY IN MOTION (2005, K), ME QUEDO CONTIGO (2014)

  • Orlando Moguel - Mundo
  • Diego Calva - Diego
  • Manolo Caso - Gael
  • Hector Kotsifakis - Chocorrol
  • Artemio Narro
  • María González de León
  • Mariel Baqueiro
  • Matías Barberis
  • Liora Spilk Bialostozky
  • Emilio Acevedo
  • Julian Brody
  • Alejandro Castaños
  • Julian Lede
  • Andres Sanchez
  • Guillermo Guevara
  • Rodrigo Garibay
  • Artemio Narro
  • Maria Del Rosario Mercado
  • Artemio Narro
  • Maria Del Rosario Mercado
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