Image of movie Los conductos
Image of movie Los conductos
Image of movie Los conductos

Los conductos

Camilo Restrepo
France, Colombia, Brazil 2020
70 min

Formally striking, bold, and free of traditional narrative constraints, Restrepo’s first feature exists as a lyrical examination of Colombia’s history of violence. While the themes might be familiar to audiences who’ve seen their share of movies from that country, its structure and ideas are completely personal, relating more to the vocabulary of the Latin American experimental cinema than to the majority of the recent production from the continent. This is the story of Pinky, a criminal, runaway from a religious cult, drug addict, and violent schemer who experiences the reality of a city (Medellín) and a country in the middle of chaos. LOS CONDUCTOS deconstructs its story via fragments and quotes, pieces of a puzzle that make the audience experience the film from inside out, like being inside a nightmare filmed in 16mm. Powerful, digressive, time-shifting, it’s also the culmination of some of the formal ideas Restrepo dealt with in his previous short films. This is a story of survival, of recovery, of reconstruction. A religious parable without Gods. (Diego Lerer)

In the presence of Camilo Restrepo.

Camilo Restrepo: LA IMPRESIÓN DE UNA GUERRA (2015, K), CILAOS (2016, K), LA BOUCHE (2017, K)

  • Luiz Felipe Lozano
  • Camilo Restrepo
  • Guillaume Mazloum
  • Josefina Rodriguez
  • Camilo Restrepo
  • Arthur B Gillette
5A7 Films, Mutokino, Montanero Cine, If You Hold A Stone

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