Tips of the day: 26/10

23 Oct 2012

Tips of the day: 26/10

Bad News Entertainment

At the beginning of this year's Viennale we would like to recommend a very special contribution by a very special film maker from the Special Program 5 Women: Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon. In the program there is a series of short experimental films from the 1970s in which Coleen Fitzgibbon gives an insightful analysis and decoding of the world in form of images, text, letters and sound in our every daily news world.



Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon on Fr, Oct 26 at 6.30 pm in the Metro.


Two films to the price of one!

Today it really pays off to stay awake! In our first Double Feature you do not only get one of the rare chances of a reunion with one of the greatest genre classics of all time, but you can also see an insightful documentary approaching the phenomenon and cult around The Shining: In Room 237 you'll meet the whole spectrum of Kubrick fans and nerds talking shop and conspiracy theories about paranoid explanations and alleged subtexts of the matter.



Double Feature: ROOM 237 / THE SHINING on Fr, Oct 26, 23:30 at Gartenbaukino

The Viennale gives away 5x2 tickets among those who send us an email at with the title of their wish film in the subject.