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Filme von Coleen Fitzgibbon


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In the presence of Coleen Fitzgibbon.

Coleen Fitzgibbon’s work relies on different genres, expressed in experimental grammar and style that constantly add new meanings to these genres. “Trip to Carloee” is a diary film, full of gentle devotion to the impressions gained from a trip in the company of the film maker Marjorie Keller (1950–1989). On the other hand, viewed from a distance of almost thirty years, films such as DER SPIEGEL become modern detective stories: Based on micro films of the respective newspaper, both films design mass-media macro worlds. Document continues research based on micro films by documenting the world of banking, whereas LES criticises Manhattan’s financial business situation in ironic language. X MAGAzIN BENEFIT documents the gigs of the punk rock bands DNA, James Chance and the Contortions and Boris Policeband in coarsegrained darkness. For this purpose, her focus is again on improvisation, intuition and the intrinsic sense of confidence. FM/TRCS is the most
abstract movie of this selection. It exposes the relationship between the imagination and the subconscious as intensely as we only experience it in the visions of a dream. (Verena Teissl)


Fitzgibbon Films

Fitzgibbon Films

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