Special: 5 Women

Sun Don't Shine

Amy Seimetz
USA 2012
82 min

For her first feature, the director, Amy Seimetz, has made a Southern road-movie film noir in contemporary Florida with a pair of actors who inhabit their roles in a murder plot with a quiet fury. Seimetz, who is best known as an actress, finds amazingly simple yet powerful ways to get inside her characters’ minds while not straying from their story. There’s nothing neoclassical about her movie – it’s an exemplary work of modern cinema, made with an impressive curiosity and spontaneity – but it takes its place in the front rank of movies that extend genre by infusing it with the stuff of lived experience, of which, for movie artists such as Seimetz, movie-watching itself is a crucial part. (Richard Brody)

In the presence of Amy Seimetz.

  • Kate Lyn Sheil - Crystal
  • Kentucker Audley - Leo
  • A.J. Bowen - Highway Angel
  • Kit Gwin - Teri
  • Amy Seimetz
  • Jay Keitel
  • Ben Huff
  • Pete Horner
  • David Lowery
  • Ben Lovett
  • John Garland
  • Lanie Faith Marie Overton
Sun Don’t Shine LLC, DWKS LLC

Sun Don’t Shine LLC

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