Special: 5 Women

A still from BLACK DRAGON CANYON by Amy Seimitz

Coleen Fitzgibbon / Narcisa Hirsch / Mati Diop / Kurdwin Ayub / Amy Seimetz

The most exciting programs of a festival are those that turn up almost unintentionally. Through coincidence and asynchrony a selection of films merges to form a temporary whole – a whole that is allowed to fall into its idiosyncratic moments at any time. “Five Women” is the result of such a selection. The works by the Argentinean avant-garde artist Narcisa Hirsch, who has been writing her own history of experimental cinema in a personal and masterful way for half a century, are juxtaposed to the young Austrian filmmaker Kurdwin Ayub’s only seemingly playful miniatures, the directness of which is distressing and amusing at the same time. An almost forgotten exponent of American experimental cinema of the 1970s, Coleen Fitzgibbon is THE discovery of this series. Her works – from home movies to serial and abstract films – form a cinematic cosmos beyond the avant-garde. Finally, there’s Amy Seimetz, an American actress who proves to be a radical filmmaker: in the gentleness of her characters flickers an incredible physical horror. And, last but not least, we present Mati Diop, the French director, who was discovered as an actress by Claire Denis. In a determined and sensitive way, she has developed her political experimental filmmaking into an unparalleled small oeuvre.

In the presence of Kurdwin Ayub, Mati Diop, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Narcisa Hirsch and Amy Seimetz.