Of small villages at the sea and beyond the hills...

A small village on the English coast in Dorset and a story about smuggling, piracy and a hidden treasure - these are the ingredients of MOONFLEET. What reads here like a banal costume picture, becomes, directed by Fritz Lang, a masterful drama that impresses with perfectly staged images, that convey credibly the mood of the 18th Century by their proximity to painting.

MOONFLEET is screened Nov 1st, 12.30 pm at Gartenbaukino.

Two prominent leading actresses are the newcomers that shine in the new film by Christian Mungiu, who won in 2007 for FOUR MONTHS, THREE WEEKS AND TWO DAYS the Golden Palm. Also DUPA DEALURI was enthusiastically received in Cannes and Christina Flutur and Cosmina Stratan received for their film debut the award for Best Actress. Recommendation!

DUPA DEALURI is screened Nov 1st, 2.30 pm at Gartenbaukino.

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