GOLD | Thomas Arslan

...the second chance!

October 22nd, 2013

As everybody knows, there is a second chance for everything in life - well, for just about everything ... but almost never as easy as with the Viennale !

Those who could not get any tickets for the long-awaited and carefully selected favorites of the personal must-see list in the first attempt do not have to fall into deep resignation immediately. For many of the already sold-out screenings, there are alternative dates for enthusiastic cinephiles.

For example, on the National Holiday (Oct 26), you can choose - after an extended breakfast - between two prestigious films at lunch time: dreams, visions and paths lead in the magnificent neo-western GOLD through unreal wide landscapes and fine-tuned interior views of the characters - all that on the largest Viennale screen (Oct 26, 1pm, Gartenbaukino)! Alternatively, in Stadtkino Künstlerhaus (1.30pm), you can witness the story of a Indian woman who fights against prejudices , patriarchy and oppression in the documentary SALMA.
The evening closes with Joshua Oppenheimer THE ACT OF KILLING, co-produced by Werner Herzog and celebrated internationally , which revives a black chapter of the Indonesian history in a surreal film -in-documentary assembly (Oct 26, 6pm, Gartenbau) .

The end of the weekend, on sunday 27th, 11pm at Gartenbau, is marked by the latest production of Johnny To - DU ZHAN - that takes you into the drug scene of Hong Kong. But wait: In the finale grande of the week the lights will go off at the Urania for the projection of KATIYABAAZ - all according to plan, not like in this documentary about the catastrophic power cuts in the Indian city of Kanpur (Mon, Oct 28th,  0am = midnight betw Sun&Mon, Urania) .
Something for farsighted planners: For the start of next week, we recommend on Monday, Oct 28: TIP TOP at Gartenbau (3.30pm), GOOD OL ' FREDA at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (11.30pm) or LOS DUEÑOS at the Urania (11.30pm) .
And finally, those who would not want to miss the opening film of this year's Viennale by any means, may join the matinee at Gartenbau: INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, the new work of the Coen-Brothers was booked after a short time - but runs again on October 25th, 11am.

So do not miss it, do not miss anything !