Du zhan

Drug War
Johnnie To
Hongkong, China 2012

Captain Zhang and his team will stop at nothing to track down drug criminals. When drug lord Timmy Choi is captured, a deal to help Zhang bust a major cocaine ring could save him from the death penalty. But Zhang doesn’t trust Timmy Choi is truly betraying his partners. He becomes more and more suspicious as steps are taken to raid the ironclad drug factory. in DRUG WAR, Hong Kong genre master Johnnie To gives a super lative lesson on how to give an updated, thoroughly engrossing twist to the classic cops-and-robbers chase. in the first action film he has shot in mainland china and following his relatively action-less financial thriller LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPlE, To cuts a sweet slice of genre cake that pits the balletic efficiency of police operatives against the wiles of organized crime lords and leaves few characters standing by its bloody end. (Deborah Young)

(DU ZHAN will be screened with English and Chinese subtitles)

  • Sun Honglei - Captain Zhang
  • Louis Koo - Timmy Choi
  • Huang Yi
  • Gao Yungxiang
  • Wallace Chung
  • Hao Ping
  • Wai Ka-fai
  • Yau Nai-Hoi
  • Ryker Chan
  • Yu Xi
  • Ricky Yip
  • Cheng Siu-keung
  • David Richardson
  • Allen Leung
  • Xavier Jameux
  • Horace Ma
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