Recommended films: October 31

29 Oct 2013

Recommended films: October 31


A work of immense intensity that can hardly be described by words: Werner Herzog interviewed inmates from death row, asking about their deeds, causes, backgrounds and feelings - neither condemning nor euphemistic. Deep chasms and profound insights open up and the constant prominent boundary between the imagined moment of death and the period of waiting for it becomes visible and palpable.

Thursday, Oct 31 - 3.30pm at Gartenbaukino

Here's the trailer for the whole series, at the Viennale DEATH ROW II is screened!



The title says it all: jealousy plays the main role in Garrel's latest film and, as it is an engine that lurks in all relationship situations that are presented to us here. Above all, a tender approach to great emotions and irrationality - or how they relate both, maybe how they are interdependent...

Thursday, Oct 31 - 9pm at Gartenbaukino


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