Image of movie Zeros And Ones
Image of movie Zeros And Ones
Image of movie Zeros And Ones

Zeros And Ones

Abel Ferrara
Deutschland, Großbritannien, Italien, USA 2021
85 min

Krieg herrscht in den Filmen von Abel Ferrara öfter, wenngleich als innere Zerrüttung der Figuren. Diesmal aber taucht er ein menschenleeres, von Milizen beherrschtes Rom in nachtschwarze, flackernde Bilder und lässt Soldat J.J. (einen selten ausgemergelten Ethan Hawke) auf der Suche nach seinem Bruder durch eine postapokalyptische Kriegszone irren. ZEROS AND ONES darf als Verarbeitung von Pandemie-Erfahrungen verstanden werden, die sich hier mit der Paranoia von Mindgame-Filmen paart. Radikal subjektiv wie immer schafft Ferrara eine ganz eigene Atmosphäre aus Cyberwar-Ästhetik, sakraler Mystik und beharrlich dröhnenden Sounds. Erlösung ungewiss. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

In Anwesenheit von Abel Ferrara und Cristina Chiriac.

In the midst of a pandemic, life somehow goes on. In Abel Ferrara’s latest feature, this means that global techno-warfare continues unabated, only now with a healthy squirt of hand sanitizer. Following the career high point of SIBERIA, Ferrara delivers a film whose bold images and complicated anti-narrative recall earlier achievements such as THE BLACKOUT and NEW ROSE HOTEL. Depicting a time period somewhere between Covid and an unspecified future, ZEROS AND ONES is a film about global warfare and omnipresent terrorism, and the thin line between those devoted to protecting the old order and those laying down their lives to bring it down. Ethan Hawke plays twin brothers, one an American soldier, the other a revolutionary, but in essence they are simply two sides of the same coin. Hawke’s military man is, ironically, a kind of photographer.
ZEROS AND ONES suggests an intimate connection between expanded vision and political control. Thermal imaging, night vision cameras held like weapons, and Zoom calls from quarantine: all are agents in the degradation of the visual world into “data”. By contrast, Ferrara’s extreme low-light cinematography (courtesy of Sean Price Williams) suggests that freedom and beauty exist well beyond the greedy eye’s reach. (Michael Sicinski)

In the presence of Abel Ferrara and Cristina Chiriac.

Abel Ferrara: THE DRILLER KILLER (1979), MS. 45 (1981), FEAR CITY (1984), CHINA GIRL (1987), CAT CHASER (1989), KING OF NEW YORK (1990), BAD LIEUTENANT (1992), BODY SNATCHERS (1993), SNAKE EYES (1993), THE ADDICTION (1995), THE FUNERAL (1996), THE BLACKOUT (1997), MARY (2005), NAPOLI, NAPOLI, NAPOLI (2009), PASOLINI (2014), PIAZZA VITTORIO (2017), HANS (2017, V’ Trailer), THE PROJEC- TIONIST (2019), TOMMASO (2019), SIBERIA (2019), SPORTIN’ LIFE (2020)

  • Ethan Hawke
  • Cristina Chiriac
  • Phil Neilson
  • Valerio Mastandrea
  • Dounia Sichov
  • Babak Karimi
  • Korlan Madi
  • Mahmut Sifa Erkaya
  • Anna Ferrara
  • Abel Ferrara
  • Sean Price Williams
  • Lavinia Burcheri
  • Leonardo Daniel Bianchi
  • Stephen Gurewitz
  • Joe Delia
  • Renate Schmaderer
Maze Pictures, Hammerstone Studios, Rimsky Productions, Macaia Film, Almost Never Films

Blue Box International

Sa. 30 Okt
So. 31 Okt
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