Volker Koepp

Director of

Born in Szczecin, in 1944 and grown up in Berlin. From 1963 to 1965  he studied at the Technical University of Dresden and then at the German Film Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg and received his diploma in 1969. From 1970 to 1991 he was the director of the DEFAStudio for documentary in Potsdam-Babelsberg and Berlin. Then he worked as a freelance director, writer and producer. Visiting professor in Babelsberg, teaching at Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, member of the Academy of Arts since 1996.  Films (selection): LIVING IN WITTSTOCK (1984), HERR ZWILLING AND WOMAN ZUCKERMANN (1999), CURRICULTURE (2001), UCKERMARK (2002), IN SARMATIA (2013), LANDSTÜCK (2016). His films are shown regularly at the Viennale.