Luca Lucchesi

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Luca Lucchesi was born in 1983 in Palermo. After high school he completes his law studies in 2008 with a thesis on the judiciary as storytelling.
In 2007 he successfully completed the course, „Directing and Scriptwriting“ at "icon - le professioni del cinema" and shoots the short film ULTIMO MODELLO (Pontino Festival of Short Films, Lucania Film Festival, CortoperScelta). His experiences in film and cinema encompass production, filming, directing and cutting. One of his most important cooperations was his participation at the 3D documentary IL VOLO, where he was working as an assistant director to German director Wim Wenders.
In September / October 2010, Lucchesi was involved in the production of BACHELOR PARTY, a documentary film, produced as a joint project of Nisi Masa Europe. Therefore the young director travelled large parts of central and eastern Europe on board of the "Istanbul Express".
He lives and works alternately in Luca Palermo and Berlin.