Emily Korteweg

Producer of

Emily Korteweg is the Director of Development/Producer at Watch This Ready, the filmmaker-driven production vehicle with a first look deal under Topic Studios. Emily is also the founder and president of Linchpin Pictures, which provides consulting services and facilitates film equipment rental out of New York City. Prior to this, she worked at Verve Talent and Literary Agency in the finance/packaging/global sales department. She has a relentless appetite for the power of storytelling, and the intersection of art and commerce at that. At Watch This Ready specifically, her aim is to give a nuanced perspective to any tale, in whatever genre, as this is what she feels is currently most important in society at large, and therefore in the power of Film/TV that feeds it. 
She was born and raised in The Netherlands, moved to London at 18 to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a minor in Creative Writing at Richmond University, and her Master's Degree in Analytical Marketing Strategy at Cass Business School.