Zwei Basiliken

Two Basilicas
Heinz Emigholz
DK, DEU 2018
36 min

TWO BASILICAS executes a deceptively simple comparative arrangement: the Protestant Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen and the Catholic Cathedral in Orvieto, intercut in a contemplative montage. Each stands for a specific religious belief, and a set of values. Emigholz labels the series of works to which TWO BASILICAS belongs as: “photography and beyond”. The debt to still photography is evident in the fixed, static, generally unpopulated views of architectural structure and form. The “beyond” aspect derives from everything that cinema adds: duration, atmosphere, and the quiet but insistent soundtrack of the everyday society that surrounds these churches. (Adrian Martin)

  • Thomas Bo Jensen
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Till Beckmann
  • Till Beckmann
  • Jochen Jezussek
  • Christian Obermaier
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Till Beckmann
Heinz Emigholz Filmproduktion

Filmgalerie 451

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