Azza El-Hassan
Palestine 2001
59 min

At a time of war and conflict, the media portray life in Ramallah in the West Bank to be dominated by death and violence. Azza El-Hassam, a Palestinian filmmaker, finds herself unable to locate a film crew since everybody is occupied in making news. She tries to find normal life that is distant from the war and starts filming a love story blossoming between her landlord and his wife. But when Israeli jets start shelling Ramallah, her subjects flee, and she diverts her attention to the activities of four young boys in her neighbourhood who spend their time practicing how to throw stones. As days pass by, News Time becomes a diary for the filmmaker and the boys.

  • Azza El-Hassan
  • Saed Andoni
  • Lamees Khoury
  • Nidal Abu-Diab
  • Fadi Rida
  • Naseer Shamma
  • Rabih Abou- Khalil
  • Om Kolthom u.a.
Yamama Creative House POBox 1091 Ramallah, West Bank, Palästina T 2 296 6335 Peterssteinweg 13 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland T 341 2215 66 38

Video (Betacam SP)
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