Ulrich Seidl

Initially, the exceptional Austrian director Ulrich Seidl (<i>Good News</i>, <i>Hundstage</i>, <i>Import Export</i>) had intended to make a great episodic film under the title of Paradies (“Paradise”). Now it becomes increasingly clear that this Paradies, on which Seidl has been working for four years, shooting more than 80 hours of footage, will become a trilogy: three movies, three stories about three women in a family, each of whom in her own way is searching for love. In the course of this year’s Viennale, Ulrich Seidl will present scenes from this monumental triptych for the first time. In addition, the director will discuss his work with Stefan Grissemann (“profil”) and Claus Philipp (Stadtkino Filmverleih), revealing what we may expect from his Paradies.