Tribute: Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush

Marty Callner
USA 2009
92 min

Will Ferrell stars in his first HBO special, a live performance of his limited-run Broadway show, YOU’RE WELCOME AMERICA. A FINAL NIGHT WITH GEORGE W. BUSH. In the special, Ferrell inhabits one of his favorite political characters from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, President George W. Bush, assuming the guises of several “Ws” through the years, including the “cowboy” Bush, the “flight suit” Bush, and the (plain old) “suit” Bush. Along the way, Ferrell-as-Bush provides insights into the Bush’s childhood, his time at Yale, his stint as a major-league baseball co-owner, his emergence as a political figure, and his cherished if checkered tenure in and (frequently) out of the White House.

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Numbered tickets are handed out one hour prior to the screening at the cinema box office!

  • Will Ferrell - George W. Bush
  • Michael Delaney - Dr. Scott Blumeth
  • Pia Glenn - Condoleezza Rice
  • Adam Mucci - Pilot
  • Patrick Ferrell - Secret- Service-Agent
  • Will Ferrell
  • Peter Fitzgerald
  • Tom Holmes
  • Eugene Lee
  • Tom Broecker
  • Adam McKay
HBO – Home Box Office, Gary Sanchez Productions, Funny Business

HBO – Home Box Office

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