Retrospektive 2013

Which Way to the Front?

Jerry Lewis
USA 1970
96 min

The story of the patriotic multi-billionair Brendan Byers, who failed the military examination and intervenes with his private army in the second world war, is visually consistently in the seventies style. Especially the mercenaries in orange jump suits or lightning blue uniforms with red nylon turtlenecks, feel like sitting in a time machine. Maybe the whole film is a little late, but the fun of the after Chaplin second best destruction of deutsch-language by field marshal Kesselring cracks everyone up. Introduction: Chris Fujiwara

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Steve Franken
  • Jan Murray
  • John Wood
  • Dack Rambo
  • Robert Middleton
  • Willie Davis
  • Gerald Gardner
  • Dee Caruso
  • W. Wallace Kelley
  • Al Overton
  • Russel Wiles
  • Louis Y. Brown
  • John Beckman
  • Guy C. Verhille
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Joe E. Stabile
Jerry Lewis Films, Inc.
35 mm
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