Retrospective 2015

Vase de noces

Thierry Zéno
B 1974
82 min

A film about strange passions: A lonely farmer, just accompanied by a bunch of animals, falls in love with a sow, impregnates it and becomes the father of the new born piglets. As the “kiddies” reject him and stick to the mother sow who naturally feeds them the farmer kills the young pigs. A bizarre drama ends with a double suicide. VASE DE NOCES is a nightmarish film arranged in layers: It’s provocative rituals of zoophilia and coprophagia on the surface make it easy to denounce. Beneath this coarse texture there is much more to find: An ambiguous story of religion set in an abandoned monastery and occasionally being accompanied by sacral music; the bareness of this man and the end-of-civilisation-mood of this movie being built out of mud and blood. As there is neither spoken dialogues nor a classical narrative structure VASE DE NOCES may remind one on the poetics of transgression, the so called “Materialaktionen” by Otto Mühl and filmed by Kurt Kren.

Supporting film: DE POES (DIE KATZE)

  • Dominique Garny
  • Thierry Zéno
  • Dominique Garny
  • John Kupferschmidt
  • Thierry Zéno
  • Roger Cambier
  • Thierry Zéno
  • Alain Pierre
Zéno Films
35 mm
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