Cinematography: Brazil Burning

Vando vulgo vedita

Vando aka Vedita
Leonardo Mouramateus, Andréia Pires
Brazil 2017
22 min

Vando is missing. So his friends decide to mourn his absence in the most unexpected way: dye their hair blond, reenact his favorite cartoon, go to the beach, fall in love with each other, occupy the streets of Fortaleza. In a series of tableaux vivants, theatrical games, and performative singing, the film multiplies the missing protagonist in a colorful microcosm, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing and everything at the same time. The film portrays a ruined country, while celebrating the existence of dissident bodies and building a cinematic energy of resistance. The future of Brazilian cinema can’t ignore it. (Victor Güimaraes)

In the presence of Leonardo Mouramateus.

  • Bruno Pessoa
  • Dann Campos
  • Bira Felipe
  • Ellen Gabriele
  • Leonardo Mouramateus
  • Andréia Pires
  • Victor de Melo
  • Tomás von der Osten
Praia à Noite

Clara Bastos

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