Retrospective 2019

Valter brani Sarajevo

Valter Defends Sarajevo
Hajrudin Krvavac
YU 1972

Several partisan pictures, and not just the epic spectacles, are still fondly engraved into the collective consciousness of former Yugoslavians, but none shines so brightly – and evokes such (Yugo)nostalgia – as Hajrudin Krvavac’s immortal VALTER BRANI SARAJEVO. Officially dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Revolution and the heroism of the people of Sarajevo during World War II, VALTER BRANI SARAJEVO gained a massive new following as an inspiration for the city under siege in the 1990s. For such a popular film, the plot of VALTER BRANI SARAJEVO is exceptionally (and brilliantly) convoluted, filled with myriad characters, mistaken identities, incredible betrayals, and impossible escapes, all delivered with a gusto of the kind only Krvavac mastered at the time. We follow an endless series of failed attempts by German occupying forces in Sarajevo to identify and capture the mysterious Valter, leader of the local resistance (Valter was also one of Tito’s noms de guerre). When the defeated Germans finally retreat from Sarajevo, they do so in the most iconic scene in the history of Yugoslavian cinema. Standing on a hill above Sarajevo (the same hill, in a cruel twist of fate, from which Sarajevo would be bombarded only two decades later), a German commander points at the multicultural city below and proclaims: “Sehen Sie diese Stadt? Das ist Walter!”

  • Velimir (Bata) Živojinović
  • Ljubiša Samardžić
  • Rade Marković
  • Hanjo Hasse
  • Slobodan Dimitrijević
  • Dragomir Bojanić
  • Pavle Vuisić
  • Neda Spasojević
  • Faruk Begolli
  • Đorđe Lebović
  • Miroljub Dikosavljević
  • Jelena Bjenjaš
  • Vojislav Vanja Bjenjaš
  • Bojan Adamič
Bosna film, Sarajevo
35 mm
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