Tales from the Jungle


Barbet Schroeder
FRA, Neuguinea 1972
106 min

Viviane is an uncomplicated young woman married to the French Consul in Melbourne. Her interests lead her to New Guinea in search of the near-extinct «Bird of Paradise feathers», which she plans to send back for sale to Paris boutiques. At Lae, a coastal town, she meets Olivier, a young adventurer who is about to leave with some friends on an expedition into bush country. Gaëtan, the head of the expedition, reveals his secret goal is to discover an unknown valley in the phantom regions of the island which is still nothing but blank spots on the map - «obscured by clouds». Only the natives suspect its existence but do not dare explore it - for it is there that the Gods live.

  • Bulle Ogier - Marie
  • Jean-Pierre Kalfon - Sébastien/Pyrrhus
  • Michaël Gothard
  • Valérie Lagrange
  • Jérôme Beauvarlet
  • Monique Giraudy
  • Barbet Schroeder
  • Nestor Almendros
  • Jean-Pierre Ruh
  • Denise de Casabianca
  • Pink Floyd
Circle Associates Ltd.

Les Films du Losange 22 ave. Pierre 1er de Serbie 75016 Paris, Frankreich T 1 44 43 87 13 d.elstner@filmsdulosange.fr

35 mm
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