Umberto D.

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Umberto D.

Vittorio De Sica
I, 1952
88min, OmdU

Quelle: Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Umberto D.

Vittorio De Sica
I, 1952
, 88min, OmdU

Carlo Battisti
Umberto Domenico Ferrari
Maria Pia Casilio
Lina Gennari
Antonia Belloni
Vittorio De Sica
Cesare Zavattini
Ennio Sensi
Aldo Graziati
Eraldo Da Roma
Alessandro Cicognini
Virgilio Marchi

Rizzoli, De Sica, Amato
35 mm

This neorealist masterpiece follows an elderly pensioner as he strives to make ends meet during Italy’s postwar economic recovery. Alone except for his dog, Flike, Umberto struggles to maintain his dignity in a city where human kindness seems to have been swallowed up by the forces of modernization. His simple quest to satisfy his basic needs – food, shelter, companionship – makes for one of the most heartbreaking stories ever filmed, and an essential classic of world cinema. “De Sica had spent his life in show business; in his youth, he had been Italy’s most popular star. He knew that sentiment is as legitimate a mode of storytelling as irony or satire, so long as the sentiment is honest – which I believe it is in UMBERTO D. If the main character feels that his humanity itself is slipping away, his sense of being a proper man, then why shouldn’t he have a sentimental relationship with a dog?” (Stuart Klawans)

Supporting film: CANI DIETRO LE SBARRE