Julie Lopes-Curval
FRA 2005
94 min

Ariane, a writer of photo-novels for the magazine «Toi et Moi», has a tendency to use and embellish her own love life and that of her halfsister Léna in her work. However, their life is no storybook: Ariane clings to Farid who couldn't care less about her, while Léna grows bored with François, her boyfriend. But what if Ariane surrendered to the love of Paolo, the handsome Spanish builder who works in her building? And what if Léna let her heart beat for Mark, the virtuoso violinist she has just met? Between the real world and photo-novels, will the two sisters find true love at last? This French film written and directed by Julie Lopes-Curval intermittently uses spreads from illustrated magazines to poke fun at the clichés of romantic love. Although both the spacey Ariane and the shy Léna have a self-destructive side to their search for true love, they are endearing enough to maintain our interest as they commit one blunder after another. Lopes-Curval makes the point that intimate relationships are so difficult today because of all the complications that must be faced by over-extended working women.

  • Tomer Sisley
  • Marion Cotillard - Sandra
  • Julie Depardieu
  • Chantal Lauby
  • Sergio Peris Mencheta
  • Eric Berger
  • Jonathan Zaccai
  • Julie Lopes-Curval
  • Sophie Hiet
  • Philippe Guilbert
  • Mélissa Petitjean
  • Jean-Noël Yven
  • François Guillaume
  • Anne Weil
  • Sébastien Schuller
  • Philippe Van Herwijnen
  • Marie Malissen
Sombrero Productions 103 blvd Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris, Frankreich T 1 55 28 00 00

Flach Pyramide International 5 rue du Chevalier de Saint-George 75008 Paris, Frankreich T 1 42 96 02 20

35 mm
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