Andreas Veiel
DEU 2006
82 min

In July 2002, two brothers and their friend fatally maltreated a 16-year-old boy. For hours on end the shaven-headed perpetrators beat their victim. Perpetrators and victim all knew each other. They all came from Potzlow, a village sixty kilometres north of Berlin. The unbelievable cruelty of this «skinhead murder», as it was known, attracted media attention far beyond the immediate locale of the crime. Andres Veiel's filmic protocol for two actors is based on more than twenty conversations conducted with two of the perpetrators, as well as the victims' relatives and neighbours in Potzlow. Just as in the stage version of this text, which was performed at Berlin's Maxim Gorky Theatre, all of the speaking parts in this screen adaptation are played by Susanne-Marie Wrage and Markus Lerch.

  • Susanne-Marie Wrage
  • Markus Lerch
  • Andres Veiel
  • Gesine Schmidt
  • Jörg Jeshel
  • Henning Brümmer
  • Titus Maderlechner
  • Katja Dringenberg
  • Julia Kaschlinski
  • Julia Kaschlinski
nachtaktivfilm Hektorstraße 18 10711 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 324 23 02 m

Deckert Distribution Peterssteinweg 13 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland T 34 19 83 96 96 m

35 mm
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