Abderrahmane Sissako
FRA, Mauritania 2014
97 min

In the hands of a master, indignation and tragedy can be rendered with clarity yet subtlety, setting hysteria aside for deeper, more richly shaded tones. Abderrahmane Sissako is just such a master, and while previous films have showcased his skill at bringing magnetic dignity to his characters, TIMBUKTU confirms his status as one of the true humanists of recent cinema. Set in the early days of the jihadist takeover of northern Mali in 2012, the film is a stunningly shot condemnation of intolerance and its annihilation of diversity, told in a way that clearly denounces without resorting to cardboard perpetrators. (Jay Weissberg)

  • Abel Jafri - Abdelkrim
  • Ibrahim Ahmed - Kitane
  • Toulou Kiki - Satima
  • Fatoumata Diawara - Fatou
  • Abderrahmane Sissako
  • Kessen Tall
  • Sofiane El Fani
  • Roman Dymny
  • Thierry Delors
  • Philippe Welsh
  • Bakary Sangare
  • Nadia Ben Rachid
  • Amine Bouhafa
  • Sebastien Birchler
  • Ami Sow
Les Films du Worso, Dune Vision, Arches Film, Arte France Cinema, Orange Studio

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