Mara Mattuschka
AUT 2014
115 min

Opera countertenor Alex Gottfarb is not alone – his inner self is crowded. Some other personae live within him – shy Alexander, sexy Sandra, teenager Lex and a seven-year-old prodigy Xandi. Each one of them has different ideas of what life should look like and yet they are all extremely dependent on each other. With the help of Helene, who loves him, Alex succeeds to get in touch with his cohabitants. Cascades of turbulent events and tragicomic misunderstandings accompany Alex’ struggle for identity, love and freedom.

In the presence of Mara Mattuschka.

  • Alexander E. Fennon - Alex/Alexander
  • Julia Schranz - Sandra
  • Raphael Nicholas - Lex
  • Leo Janeselli - Xandi
  • Sandra Bra - Helene
  • Stephanie Cumming - Amor
  • Peter Badstübner - Dr. Fränger
  • Mara Mattuschka
  • Sepp Nermuth
  • Werner Beham
  • Mara Mattuschka
  • Roumen Dimitrov
  • Mara Mattuschka
  • Christoph Parzer
  • Andrea Gergely
  • Kali Ebri
Mara Mattuschka

Mara Mattuschka, sixpackfilm

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