Simple Life, A
Ann Hui
Hongkong, China 2011
119 min

Reuniting superstar Andy Lau with his godmother Deanie Ip on the big screen for the first time in 23 years, A Simple Life is a moving story about the relationship between a young man and a family servant. Based on a true story, the film centres on Ah Tao, an amah (servant and nanny) who has worked for the Leung family for four generations. She lives with and takes care of Roger, a film producer who is the only member of the Leung household still living in Hong Kong. Roger returns home one day and finds Ah Tao unconscious after a stroke. Convinced she has becoming a burden, Tao resigns and moves into a retirement home. Ann Hui has always excelled when telling stories of everyday life. In A Simple Life, she delivers a rich and heartwarming drama that not only deals with the many abandoned old people in Hong Kong, but also exquisitely captures the unique relationship between the amah and the family for which she cares. (Giovanna Fulvi)

  • Anthony Wong - Wong
  • Andy Lau - Roger
  • Deanie Ip - Ah Tao
  • Qin Hailu - Choi
  • Wang Fuli - Rogers Mutter
  • Eman Lam - Carmen
  • Raymond Chow
  • Johnnie To
  • Sammo Hung
  • Tsui Hark
  • Susan Chan
  • Roger Lee
  • Yu Lik Wai
  • Tu Duu Chih
  • Manda Wai
  • Kong Chi Leung
  • Law Wing Fai
  • Albert Poon
  • Boey Wong
Bona Entertainment Company Focus Films Sil-Metropole Organisation

Distribution Workshop Company

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