Nicolas Winding Refn
USA 2011
100 min

Ryan Gosling stars as Driver, who flips cars for a living and occasionally moonlights as a getaway man for jewel thieves and bank robbers, offering them five minutes of his time, after which they’re on their own. Driver, we soon come to realise, is an American riff on Jean-Pierre Melville’s solitary samurai, smiling and serene, his moral compass set to neutral. Then one day he shares a lift with his neighbor Irene and runs clean off the road. Irene has an ex-con, almost-ex-husband called Standard who needs to perform one last job in order to pay off his debts and care for his family. Inevitably the heist goes horribly wrong. Now Driver is on the run, with a bag of loot in the trunk of his car and a pair of gangsters (performed with gusto by Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks) tailgating right behind. (Xan Brooks)

  • Ryan Gosling - Driver
  • Carey Mulligan - Irene
  • Bryan Cranston - Shannon
  • Albert Brooks - Bernie Rose
  • Oscar Isaac - Standard
  • Christina Hendricks - Blanche
  • Ron Perlman - Nino
  • Hossein Amini
  • Newton Thomas Sigel
  • Bob Eber
  • Matthew Newman
  • Cliff Martinez
  • Beth Mickle
  • Lisa Sessions Morgan
  • Christopher Tandon
  • Erin Benach
Bold Films Odd Lot Entertainment Marc Platt Productions

Sierra Affinity

Constantin Film
35 mm
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