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The Student Nurses

Stephanie Rothman
USA 1970
85 min

Four students in their last year of nursing school work hard on their bedside manner to satisfy their patients’ every need. They also find time to encounter several hot 1970 issues, such as abortion and protests. THE STUDENT NURSES is a good contemporary dual-bill item about the varying romantic experiences of four novice nurses. The acting level is fair at best, which drags down what otherwise is a well-crafted film. Charles S. Swartz produced, and his wife Stephanie Rothman’s physical direction is excellent. Executive producer Roger Corman is releasing through his new indie, New World Pictures. THE STUDENT NURSES is an exploitation item to be sure, but beyond those angles, general audiences will find a surprising depth. (Daily Variety, 1970)

Preservation courtesy of Cinema Conservancy & the Women’s Film Preservation Fund. 35mm print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

  • Elaine Giftos - Sharon
  • Karen Carlson - Phred
  • Brioni Farrell - Lynn
  • Barbara Leigh - Priscilla
  • Reni Santoni - Victor Charlie
  • Richard Rust - Les
  • Lawrence P. Casey - Jim Caspar
  • Stephanie Rothman
  • Charles S. Swartz
  • Don Spencer
  • Stevan Larner
  • Sunshine Meyer
  • Stephen Judson
  • Clancy B. Grass
  • David Nichols
New World Pictures

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