Special: Analog Pleasure


Jacques Tati
FRA, I 1967
114 min

Once upon a time, 70mm was the gold standard for musicals, westerns, historical epics and assorted all-star extravaganzas, filling the screen with a high-resolution image unrivaled even by today’s state-of-the-art digital technologies. At the Viennale, Tati’s unique comedy PLAYTIME will be shown on a rare 70mm vintage print. The set of PLAYTIME was known as Tativille, a city built by hundreds of workers, made of 486,000 square feet of concrete. Tativille had its own power plant and approach road. At the end of the road, there was ignominy and bankruptcy. But Jacques Tati was secure that he had made a masterpiece.

  • Jacques Tati - Monsieur Hulot
  • Barbara Dennek - Young tourist
  • Rita Maiden - Schulz’ accompanist
  • France Rumilly - Saleswoman of sunglasses
  • Georges Montant - Monsieur Giffard
  • Jacques Tati
  • Jacques Lagrange
  • Jean Badal
  • Andréas Winding
  • Jacques Maumont
  • Gérard Pollicand
  • Francis Lemarque
  • Eugène Roman
  • Jacques Cottin
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70 mm
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