Jane Chablani
GBR 2006
90 min

This is the story of the struggle by Maria Altmann, a beautiful and elegant 90-year-old, who claimed back five Klimt paintings stolen from her family by the Nazis in 1938. The paintings have been hanging in the Austrian National Gallery ever since. This David and Goliath story chronicles Maria's early life in glittering fin-de-siècle Vienna, her dramatic escape from Nazi terror, and her courageous fight to recover the five Klimts against all odds. Maria's fight eventually takes her to the US Supreme Court and pits her not just against Austria, but also against the Bush Administration. After she finally won, one of the paintings, the «Golden Portrait» of Maria's aunt Adele, was sold to Ronald Lauder for 135 million dollar in 2006, becoming one of the world's most expensive painting ever sold.

  • Maria Altmann
  • E. Randol Schoenberg
  • Hubertus Czernin
  • Elisabeth Gehrer
  • Martin Smith
  • Bernhard Hoefer
  • Simon Fanthorpe
  • Ulli Bonnekamp
  • Niklas Tesch
  • Joseph Keppler
  • Bob Schuck
  • Chris Elliott
  • Cantor's World
  • Shelagh Brady
  • Paul Dosaj
  • Chris Elliott
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