Yu Guangyi
VR, China 2007
90 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

The Last Lumberjacks documents the life of a group of loggers in the Heilongjiang Province in China. It records the most basic state of being and desire of humans amidst ice and snow, and serves as a document of a disappearing mode of production as well as living in the process of civilization's progress.

Forests have been exploited for a living for over a century in this region, and due to the huge transportation inconveniences, people here still hold onto their inherited mode of production. The men working in the forests are forced to shift the burden of their own existential crisis onto their horses, which have to work until a back-broken death. While the animals are highly valuable to the loggers, worth as much as half of their material belongings, they have to eat them in tears after the horses give away under their heavy work.

  • Yu Guangyi
  • Yu Guangyi
  • Wang Guosheng
  • Tian Yuejun
  • Zhang Xueqin
Yu Guangyi

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Video (Betacam SP)
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