Andres Veiel
DEU 2004
108 min

Four acting students are the focus of Andres Veiels long-term observational documentary. We meet them while they are preparing for their acting school auditions. The
selection procedure takes months; it is a trying, nerve-racking time spent vacillating between hope and anxiety. All four make it into the school, but their initial euphoria about commencing their studies including group exercises, role play and obligatory fencing lessons is soon followed by deflation in the face of merciless criticism of even the slightest shortcoming by their tutors.

  • Prodromos Antoniadis
  • Constanze Becker
  • Karina Plachetka
  • Andres Veiel
  • Lutz Reitemeier
  • Hans Rombach
  • Johann Feindt
  • Jörg Jeshel
  • Rainer Hoffmann
  • Klaus Deubel
  • Pierre Bouchez
  • Ulla Kösterke
  • Matthias Pfister
  • Paul Oberle
  • Manfred Herold
  • Hans-Jürgen Georgi
  • Inge Schneider
  • Jan Tilman Schade
Journal Film Klaus Volkenborn KG Potsdamer Str. 18 12205 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 84 38 96 0

Journal Film Klaus Volkenborn KG

Polyfilm Verleih Margaretenstrasse 78 1050 Wien T 1 581 39 00 20
35 mm
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